What next

15 9 2007 01:14

It's more than obvious the stroy is nearing its finish, so what exactly can you expect next...
It's going to sound crazy, but it's true: The story was actually just a filler before I could collect enough ideas for other strips. And these will come now.
First for about ten weeks there is a "probe of the Lycanthrokin soul". Then, until christmas, I'll take a break*. Then I'll start with strips again, similar to those in the beginning (not similar by art). Also, updates will come more often, as I'll update wednesdays as well as saturdays, starting the september full moon :)
Also, I'm already working on a new larger story, and I ask for help: Tell me, what would you like to see improved and think I might be able to pull off, or what yould you rather see unchanged. You don't need to say improved panneling, that is something I'll definetly work on, and better fonts, I already have those ready. I'll also try shading and to make the fur more "furry". Tell me your ideas through e-mail, as a reply to this message, through AIM (if you can find me) or by any other means where I'll be able to read it :)

*That means if anyone is interested in doing guest strips, there will be enough space to post some.
For these I have to place some rules:
1) No extreme violence, no sexual stuff or harsh language.
2) The images cannot be wider than 2000 pixels, I consider the optimum 700-900. The height is limited to 4000 pixels, the size of the image file has to be less than 500 kB (upload limit at Smackjeeves).
3) Crossovers are allowed too, but the base has to be in "my" world.
4) If you plan on expanding over more pages, please make it at most on three.
5) I can refure to show some guest strips even if it fits the rules, but I'll always answer why I did it (and mabye I'll add it among the rules).
6) Don't forget your name when sending, so I know who to thank, and your website if you wish (just don't try and spam with all kind of sites just for fun! :))

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