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16 4 2006 02:22

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Quint t. W., 29 8 2008 22:44

Welcome, you've found the site for "Werewolf Richard" the webcomic, in which I try to portray the world of shapeshifters (werewolves especially) in a humorous manner.
Both strips and full-page stories switch irregularily in this comic. The main part is always the humor, sometimes, unfortunately, at the story's expense.

I also am in the process in redoing the first 150 strips (only those, I'll leave the rest st it is). That's why you can expect worse-quality images to appear at one point (depending on how far I am with redoing - you can figure that out by the names in the archive).


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Soviet Wolf, 08 1 2010 10:01

A Friend From The Cafe
Hi there thankyou for sending me a link to your comic ^_^ it looks good ^_^

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